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Let the sillouettes Move [2 day workshop]

This is a class of quilted sillouettes with movement, where Wendy walks you through a special technique of bringing sillouettes to life through the creative art of placing the limbs of each sollouette in a unique fashion that immediately creates movemant in the art work.

Wendy will help you with your background fabric audition, helping you choose great hand dyed batic pieces which display great color and dimenshion, pieces that emediately enliven your senses and speak to the heart.

It is Wendy's goal to awake that inner artist in you, focusing one on one with each student, helping them recognize their own unique talents with the understanding that  constant practice on a piece perfects it.

In this workshop a kit fee will apply**.



Touch of Impressionism [2 day workshop]

Popularly known as Confetti quilts, Wendy walks you through her very personal layered style of the Impressionist technique, teaching you how to work with tulle and silk polyester as a color palette to create exortic works of impressionist art.

Wendy teaches you her style of impressionism and thread painting which gives you the end result of her magestic thread painted tree trunks. After sharing other methods of her style in impressionistic quilting, Wendy's focus will be on quilted forests.

In this workshop a kit fee will apply**.