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Under The African Waters

Dimensions: 32W 271/2L
This quilt is my idea of under water water life. A lot of the fabrics I used came from African prints, using hand dyed batiks felt  so unleashing, plunging me into a water world of color. This quilt is glass beaded all over to give that illusion of bubbles which the fish blow while they breathe,  with lots of thread painting I gave it lots of character.  I believe this is how the under water life of the West African coast of Africa looks like.
Artist Statement.
Work is raw edge machine appliqued and heavily reinforced with silver thread painting all over the art work to give it a lot of shine, it is meticulously hand beaded.
Braid and Stitch is happy to announce that this  art work is the winner of the ‘Sharon Guthrie 2010 Award for Innovative Art’ at the ’2010 Festival of Quilts Expo’ in Portland Oregon in March.

In Private Collection