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Out of Africa, an Adinkra story.

In West Africa the Adinkra symbols are widely used, and they are also used all over the world in fabric prints. Adinkra prints are one of the highly valued hand-printed and hand-embroidered cloths found in West Africa today. 

Its origin is traced to the Asante people of Ghana, and the Gyaaman people of Cote’d'Ivoire . However, the production and use of Adinkra has come to be more associated with the Asante people of Ghana than any other group of people. 

In the 19th Century, the Asante people developed their unique art of Adinkra printing. Adinkra cloths were made and used earlier exclusively by royalty and spiritual leaders in the 16th century.

This art quilt has the Gye Nyame Symbol which symbolizes supremacy of God making it a symbol of Faith. The center Symbol 'Nyame brebi wo soro' is two bean pods facing one another, is a Symbol of Hope. The last Symbol 'Odo ne wo fie kwan' a symbol of Love, means Love will always find its way home.

Faith, Hope, and Love rulers our world today, the greatest of all being Love, when you have Love you conquer everything.

Dimensions ~ 43.5" Wide 74" Long

Artist Statement
Work is machine appliqued introducing the thread painting technique all over the art piece in Green neon thread. Symbols are heavily trapunto'd giving a dimensional effect.. Fabrics used are Kente and batik prints. Hand dyed batiks were used in the background. 

Images do not do enough justice, but these works would light up the whole home, these are designs to behold.

This art piece is protected by Copyright and may not be reproduced for any commercial use without prior written consent of Wendy Mamattah.

Be our first order, and receive these art quilts, they work great as housewarming gifts, and do well as gifts of all kinds too. Carefully hand crafted and stitched, they are coming from Wendy Mamattah's hands to yours! 
They are Eye Candy!
~~~~~~~Wendy Mamattah.

This is an Original piece of art created in 2014.
A Wendy Mamattah original.

Copyright Braid and Stitch.

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