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Seahorses are fish that are covered with bony plates and not scales. Males are responsible for child bearing, they fertilize and carry eggs the female deposits into the males pouch, and he carries them to term. Once born, baby seahorses are on their own and they swim away.
Sea horses are found in the warm waters of the world, generally in the shallower waters near the coast lines, they feed on brine shrimp, fish and plankton, Seahorses mate for life and when one partner dies the remaining sea horse never picks a new partner.
They are very vulnerable creatures, and I have always been intrigued by their natural characteristics, they are very protective of their specie. This is a commissioned piece I worked on for a lovely couple for Valentines day.

Artist statement  
This under water piece is a totally painted Art quilt with Acrylics, fabrics used are hand dyed fabric for the background which also served as a canvas, as well as printed fabrics. 
Work is machine pieced, appliquéd, quilted,  totally painted and meticulously hand beaded.

Dimensions 22 1/2L 33W
This piece recides in a Happy collection in Portland Oregon.




In Private Collection