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Gone Scuba Diving

This is a full image of one of my latest art works featured on the Nancy zieman show , It is called  ‘Gone Scuba Diving’ the piece measures approximately 28” inches by 44.5” inches and already sits in the Majestic home collection of Dr. Heather McArthur, Dr. McArthur is an avid swimmer, lifeguard and Scuba diver who loves the outdoors.
If you watched the first part of the Nancy’s corner segment, you would recognize this as the opening piece of my segment.
It has been an honor to have been featured on an exciting episode as a Nancy’s Corner guest.
A big shout out to Carol R. Eaton Designs for her famous majestic hand dyed one of a kind background fabric.
Artist Statement
Work was created using the hooped thread painting technique, fabrics used are Hand dyed batik  fabric from professional dyer  Carol Eaton Designs
This art piece measures approximately 28” inches Wide and 44.5” Long.

This art piece is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced for any commercial use without prior written consent of Wendy Mamattah.

In Private Collection