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In Ghana the beat of drums symbolize the heartbeat of a community. Such is the power of drumming and dancing, to touch the souls of those who hear its rhythm. In an African community, beating the drum gives one another a welcoming sense of belonging. It is a time to connect with each other, and be part of that collective rhythm of life in which young and old, rich and poor, men and women, all join in with a common goal, which is to dance.
Our cultural dances in Ghana are all acting performances, and if you take a closer look at this dance design, you will notice men with wondering eyes not engaging seriously with their partners, and women who are beckoning to these dance partners to keep their eyes on them.
In this art piece the men wave white handkerchiefs called ‘Odo hanketse’ in Akan meaning ‘the LOVE handkerchief’ symbolizing an appreciation for the Ghanaian woman in dance.
This latest art piece called ‘CELEBRATION’, is an African inspired art quilt featuring dance in Ghana. It was featured on December 26th 2016, in an episode on Sewing with Nancy, a Nancy Zieman production segment.
It is an honor to have been featured on an exciting episode as a Nancy's corner guest.
Through my artsy journey in quilting, people have often asked me why I never created male silhouettes in dance, and to answer them, there really has not been an actual reason why, but this time I have heavily incorporated men, and I assure you that this art quilt loaded with tonnes of testosterone, and measuring approximately 72" Wide and 40" Long makes is Majestic, Magnificent and rich in Kente a royal rich fabric print of Ghana.
Artist Statement
This artwork is raw edge, machine appliqued and machine quilted with Kente prints as fabric of choice. Background fabric is hand dyed Turquoise batik.
Quilt has a Magenta binding and hanging sleeve attached at the back.
Art piece was created using the combined technique of Applique, Silhouette, Fabric manipulation, Embroidery and intense thread painting technique.
72" Wide and 40" Long.
This is an Original piece of art created in November 2016.
Copyright©Wendy Mamattah.
Copyright©Braid and Stitch.

This art piece is protected by Copyright and may not be reproduced for any commercial use without prior written consent of Wendy Mamattah.

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