Under The African Waters


Dimensions: 32W 271/2L
This quilt is my idea of under water water life. A lot of the fabrics I used came from African prints, using hand dyed batiks felt  so unleashing, plunging me into a water world of color. This quilt is glass beaded all over to give that illusion of bubbles which the fish blow while they breathe,  with lots of thread...


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Oh! What a wonderful world


This is my latest artwork, and again its an under water scene, I got my inspiration from a whole bunch of under water pictures I had been looking at.
It is amazing to discover that inside the ocean is a world of its own. There are fishes that fly, some that look like humans and animals, others look like insects, and I also realize that every thing on...


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Beautiful Nonsense


 Dimensions 341/2 L 53W
Beautiful Nonsense is the name of this latest art work which was a picture so stuck in my mind because I had watched so much of the oil spill in the Gulf on television. I thought of using some of the leak shots I had saved in an abstract fiber art work, and I decided to change things a little by...


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Wendy Mamattah featured on PBS. Sewing with Nancy!

Watch me on Sewing with Nancy! As a Nancy’s Corner guest on December 26th 2016.

Please follow the PBS show time in your Local zones.

Attached is the link to follow.


Wendy Mamattah.



This is an African inspired art quilt amongst other newer pieces that will be featured on December 2016, in an episode on Sewing with Nancy, a Nancy Zieman production segment.

It has been an honor to have been featured on an exciting episode as a Nancy's corner guest.

Through my artsy journey in quilting, people have often asked me why I never created male silhouettes in dance, and to answer them, there really has not been an actual reason why, but this time I have heavily incorporated men, and I can assure you that this art quilt loaded with tonnes of testosterone, measuring approximately 72"/40" is Majestic, Magnificent and Rich in Kente.


The full quilted and embroidered piece will be unveiled on December 26th 2016, on the

Nancy's Corner Segment.

The full piece is just STUNNING... and will only be available when the show airs.

Stay tuned..... Simply Eye Candy,

Wendy Mamattah.