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Published! American Quilter Magazine.

Great news for all FANS who LOVE the Wendy Mamattah Asabone patterns! This is for YOU! I have a FREE pattern called DANCE published in the September 2015 issue of American Quilter magazine. It has a great instructional guide line and any level of quilter can make it.

This art piece called 'Dance' is Stunning!

Quilters may have received a copy of the upcoming issue already, well this is a chance to have an Original pattern of mine Free to download, or Free when you get a copy of the September American Quilter Magazine with no sweat at all, how cool is that!!

Go get the pattern! Quilt your heart out! Everyone is welcome to share their art pieces with me. I would love to see what quilters come up with.

Happy Quilting!
~~~~~Wendy Mamattah.