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Nature's Splendor


Growing up in Ghana West Africa, we had lots of livestock that my dad loved to breed; there were chicken, duck, geese, pigs, sheep, goat, turkey, rabbit, guinea pig, and grass cutter. This made me develop a love for nature and animals, daddy also loved to cultivate the food for these creatures, so we always lived close to a stream or river where he would use the water to irrigate the farm.

There was so much land to wonder about on, and I would often sit by the river or stream and listen to the Crickets’ and the Cicada bugs. They had a very distinct sound that centered me in my mind and kept me calm.

In such places I found a sense of calm where I could reflect. Today as an artist far away from my homeland, I come across similar places when I walk the outdoors, and the looks of these places take me back to the serene places I loved as a child and found calm, and sometimes I must create these sceneries.

Natures Splendor is an art piece that takes me back to my child hood days bringing great memories stitched in fabric.

Artist Statement;Dimensions; 42 L 60W. Created March 2013.

Braid and Stitch is proud to announce that Nature's Splendor was part of the Collection; "A bit of sunshine – from an Artists Palette" at the LA Sells Stewart Center which holds the Guistina Gallery, the largest in the Pacific Northwest.

There were seven Wendy Mamattah works in that display making me very proud. They are Masai, Touch of Impressionism, Oh! What a Wonderful World, The Grove, Adowa, and Color of Aspen.