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Deceptively Yummy Cupcake Pincushions! As Seen On The Quilt Show

Dceptively Yummy pincushions! Here we go!

These are what we take when we want to get away for our sewing retreats across the sea as well as our secret and serene hideouts, our perfect gifts for Mother’s day, and also gifts for our grandmothers and family that love to sew.

My pincushions are carefully crafted by hand and created in a smoke free home, so they are allergy free. There are no glues or dyes added, giving pins and needles easy access when pinned into them. These cupcakes measure approximately 10.5 inches diameter and 4 inches tall.

The pincushions are so soft to the touch, and contain alternating layers of emery sand which will always keep you pins sharp, as well as lofty layers of poly fill fiber, These together make one soft balanced pincushion. Not suitable for very young children to play with, but ideal for a seamstress, quilter, or any needle craftsman. It also works as a great pincushion for hat pins and tie pins etc.

When purchased, Items will ship within 2 business days.

Be my first order and receive these pincushions from my hands to yours!

~~~~~~~~~~~Wendy Mamattah

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